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The Basics of Wheel Bearing and Our Services

More often than not, this is a problem that most drivers get. But what is a wheel bearing and what does it mean when your mechanic recommend that you have it replaced? Is this replacement really necessary in the first place? We answer some of your most common questions in the FAQ below. 

What is a car wheel bearing?

Your wheel bearing will be located in your wheels. In fact, these are the very things that keep your tires moving around without accumulating so much friction. You might be able to locate these with your naked eye nestled right in the middle of your wheels.

Why are they important?

It keeps too much friction from wreaking havoc to your wheels. With these present in all your wheels, it is possible that only one of your wheel bearings might need to be replaced. We can easily do that here at Mobile Mechanic Clearwater.

How can you diagnose a bad wheel bearing?

There are actually a series of telltale signs that should tell you that your wheel bearing is bound for a replacement soon. You have easily take note of these signs yourself. Just make sure to watch out for. . .

  •       A screeching noise when your car is moving.

What this might imply is that there is not enough lubrication or even lining for your wheel bearing. And because the main function of a wheel bearing is to keep away friction, consistently ignoring this grinding noise will result to heat and eventually more damage to your car.

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  •       You notice that your tires wear out easily.

Not only is this a costly sign, but it is also a very big warning sign. On average, you should be able to drive a few thousand miles before your car tires fully retire. But with a faulty wheel bearing, you will notice that your tires will exhibit and abnormal rate of wear and tear.

Save money in the long run by having your car fixed right away. Give us a call so we can come to you right away.

  •       You notice your steering wheel vibrating.

Ok, so this might also mean that your power steering fluid needs to be topped up a little bit. However, if your vibrating wheels are partnered with any of the major signs above, then this means that it is indeed your wheel bearing that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Don’t lose control over your steering wheel and call the experts for help right away.

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We are a team o f certified mechanics living in Clearwater, Florida. We have been in the business for a whopping 3 decades now. That may seem like such a long time, but if you have found your passion, everything else will just fall into place. This is how thirty years has gone by so quick for us. And although we may be old, we make sure that we constantly update our knowledge on cars. We are constantly amazed at how fast the automobile industry is evolving and we are proud to be able to witness all of this for ourselves. Of course we don’t just witness it too—we practice it. Day in and day out, we make sure that all of our customers are able to enjoy the beauty that is their automobiles.

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