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Are you driving and suddenly there is a noise in the bearing? Does the water pump shaft is not easy to maneuver? You may now have to call us for a water pump replacement service. Driving brings you to your destination but when you have a water pump problem, you cannot risk to still driving to your destination especially if it is far. Your car would overheat and it is not good for your engine. But you do not want to be stuck on the road either. That is why we are here. We provide you the service wherever you are. Water Pump Replacement Clearwater has the expertise you can trust for your car. Call us now and feel free to consult also our wheel bearing replacement and power steering repair services.


About Our Services


Water Pump Replacement Clearwater has been on the business of replacing water pumps within the Clearwater and whole of Florida. Do not worry if you have our number and you are outside Clearwater. We do the service as long as you called for us.


We have partnered with various mobile mechanics in a different location so they could deliver the service to you. They have regular testing so they would deliver service that is in accordance with our mission. A service that is fast but reliable and high quality but affordable in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Water pump replacement is not only what we are good at. We offer various repairs and maintenance services of your car. Do you need an alternator replacement? Needing a repair on your AC? Have a Wheel Bearing Replacement? Change Oil? We offer all and more services. Just look us up and call our number. Do save it for future use! You will need us.

Your Water Pump Role

Your water pump has an important role to make your engine function properly and smoothly.  Your engine should be protected so that it can function as long as you want to use your car. But as you use it continually, parts and components wear out and leak in hose and pumps could occur. The role of the water pump in protecting the engine is that it acts as the deliverer of the coolant that the engine needs. If the excess heat in the engine would not be removed by the coolant, you expect damages to happen. That is why when you notice some problems, it is best that you call for help. Mobile Mechanic Clearwater is here to provide water pump replacement at any time you need it.

As long as the problem was treated right and immediately, you would be sure to be back on the road. Water Pump Replacement is cheaper as compared to when you have to let your engine be repaired because of overheating caused by the water pump was damaged. Calling a mobile mechanic over to fix the problem would be more convenient for you. As you will not drive your car not to cause more damage, you need it to get it towed to the nearest repair shop or to where you want it to be. Towing service does not come free. Unless you have an insurance that includes towing service being offered freely.

You will spend time waiting for the towing team, spend money for the service, spend more money for the water pump replacement, spending time going through all the troubles, and you were not able to do what you were supposed to do. These are just the disadvantages of not availing of the mobile mechanic service. If you like to avoid troubles, just send us a signal to us and someone will be dispatched to you. Consider checking also our alternator replacement and fuel pump repair services.

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Various Problems With Your Pump


This is one of the common and noticeable signs that your water pump has a problem. That is why it is important that before you drive, you check your car manually inspecting of any leaks. When you notice a bluish color that comes from the center of the engine, do not drive but call for the Water Pump Replacement Clearwater. The bluish color is the engine coolant. Without the coolant, you should not drive. You will expect your engine to be damaged.


As mentioned above, when you listen to a buzzing noise coming from the bearing, your water pump has failed. You should also check the belt as it may be the cause of the noise. It should not be loose and should not be too tight.

Engine Temperature Becoming Hotter

Your temperature gauge would indicate if your engine has a high temperature. When it happens, your car’s water pump may be failing. Call for help and do not continue driving if you want to be safe and your car not to have more damage.


You will not wish to see steam rising from the engine compartment. That means you have to stop wherever you are on the side and call for us. You do not want your car to die.

How Long Will A Water Pump Last?

The water pump was not designed to last with the same lifespan as the car. That is why it is natural that you will have a water pump replacement in the lifespan of your car. Your car is made of materials that are designed to last for a long time and that also included the water pump. The time to replace your water pump varies as it can depend on the recommendation of the manufacturer. Consult your owner’s manual. But a recommendation given is that when it reached 60,000 mileage but others can do up to 120,000 miles.

If you also had a belt replacement, it is best that you also include water pump replacement when you replace the belt. As the parts had already been removed when replacing the belt, so you can also let the water pump change be done. You will not need to call them again and do the other services.

A service that is fast but reliable and high quality but affordable in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

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