In need of Professional Power Steering Repair Service?

Are you in need of Power Steering Repair? Mobile Mechanic Clearwater comes to the rescue. One of the services we provide as an auto repair shop is the repair of your power steering. We know they are necessary for your car to function properly and be driven. When you have a power steering problem, you can know it immediately. That is why you can call us so you will be safe.
Did you suddenly experience a power steering problem and you in a place where it is not easy to drive? Then call us and we would be there to help you.
We offer our services in the whole part of Clearwater so you can come to the shop for the repair of your car. You might like to consult also about our oil change and diesel mechanic.


About Our Services

Whatever type of car you are driving we can help you with the service. We had been on the business and we do have loyal customers. We had already established a good relationship with both efforts of the two that makes it better. If you are looking for a shop where you can also take some rest as the mechanic’s works on your car then you can come to us. Whether we will offer the service in our shop or we will go to your office or home or wherever you are on the road requesting for repair works.

You can be sure that we had made sure that the mechanics you deal with will not make some recommendations only for the money. When they give recommendations, it is for the benefit of your car and you. That is why do not hesitate to make the call and Mobile Mechanic would be there for you.
The various parts of your car are all important. When something is not working well then you cannot be comfortable driving your car. You may meet some accident when you still drive your car having some problems. We had been offering Power Steering Repair Service to many drivers and we had received good feedback on the jobs being done. That is why do not worry and entrust us your repair needs. Maintenance is also part of our service. Your car needs it so you have to give it. If you cannot do it then just dial the phone and speak to us. We are happy that we can perform the service to you.

Understanding Your Cars Power Steering System
There is a belt that has the role to move power to the steering pump and it is powered mechanically or electronically. When the power moves to the pump it will allow it to push fluid toward the steering gear. This will result in a good driving as the driver has a smooth steering control. But the fluid pushed by the pump can be contaminated by debris or any small part that comes from the car and would cause the lesser performance rate of the steering system of your car.
The Signs Your Power Steering System Has A Problem
The wheel feels heavy and stiff
If the steering wheel is vibrating
There is a squealing noise when you turn the steering wheel
The steering assistance is not steady

If you experience any of the reasons above, please feel free to contact us. It is best that professionals like us would be able to do the repair and maintenance especially if you have no experience doing them. It is better these days as there are mobile mechanics that will do the service wherever you are. Not like the times before where your car should be towed to the auto shop so it would be repaired or fixed in that area. Keep your car in a good condition and try to consult our other services such as water pump replacement and starter replacement.

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Possible reasons why you cannot turn your steering wheel:
The steering fluid has leaked
The serpentine belt has broken already
The steering rack quality has become very poor
The steering pump has already failed
The fluid already becomes too thick and needs to be flushed

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions:

The steering wheel would not budge at all. Is the wheel jammed?
This is one common problem for the steering wheel. It could be the result when you are parking and you made a sharp turn and then you removed your car key without straightening the tires. It is to be noted that you will have a hard time turning your keys when the ignition of your car is mounted in the steering column.

When do you need to change your power steering fluid?
Just like the issue on when to change your oil, this also has no one direct answer. But when it comes to the steering fluid, most agree on the average of reaching 30,000 until 60,000 miles. But when you noticed that there is a dirty fluid that is coming out from the power steering, change the fluid even if it does not reach the average mileage given above. A noise that comes from the power steering can also be a sign that you should change the fluid of your steering system.

The reason why the steering wheel is shaking when I am driving?
There are many reasons or causes why the steering wheel of a car is shaking while you drive. It includes problems in the wheel and suspension of your car, the wheel hubs has bad bearings, a problem with the wheels itself, the vehicle and the wheels are not properly aligned. This problem is not that light and it is better to contact a mechanic to take a look at it. You can contact us (Mobile Mechanic Clearwater) for this service and a team would be dispatched to your location.

Why should I maintain my cars suspension?
The suspension is closely related to the steering wheel. Their way of functioning is similar. If you notice some problems it is best to immediately contact us and we will send a mechanic to fix the issue. That is because if you will not have it repaired, it can cause bigger problems. That is why for your safe driving, it is better you let it be checked and fixed.

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