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Hey there! So you might have noticed that your car is exhibiting some of the common symptoms of a faulty fuel pump system. These might have come in the form of creaking or whining noises, you might have experienced difficulty in speeding up, or you might have a hard time turning on your engine. Worst, you might no longer be able to turn on your engine at this point. If any or all of the signs point to these indicators, then yes, you definitely have fuel pump problems. Not just that, ensure your car’s condition and try consulting about our other services like car AC repairauto electric repair and more.


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But now that you have diagnosed the issue, what should come next? Well at some point, you may consider just doing the job of replacing or repairing your fuel pump yourself. However, while this is not an impossible feat, it is downright dangerous. After all, you have to remember that you will be dealing with highly combustible and dangerous substances here. Just one wrong move and you might just spark a fire that will engulf your car and all the other things in your garage. Not to mention, if you want to pull off this whole operation, you will need to get your hands on a set of tools and instructions to get the job done.

Our advice: for safety reasons, please have this taken cared of by the professionals. The labor that we will provide will not be unfair to you. And besides, this will be the option that will give you the most peace of mind.

With our help, you won’t have to worry about things such as static electricity and other combustible agents that will likely cause your car to flame up or explode.

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Why do you need a fuel pump anyway?

We have established that you have faulty pump—but have you figured out what it is for anyway? Allow us to give you a brief explanation of what this is for. Ring us now and try checking out also our car battery replacement and brake repair.

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Unlike its more popular cousins such as the power steering belt and the car battery, fuel pumps do not get as much attention. They are there working quietly in the background, making sure that your gas tank receives the right amount of fuel that it needs. They are mostly low maintenance. If you care for them right, these powerful things can last you the entire duration of you owning your car. However, during the rare times that it decides to give up on its owner, you want to make sure that this gets handled professionally right away.

So what usually causes this sturdy system to give up on you? Here are some ways we can think of:
· You usually let your car run on low fuel
Low fuel happens once in a while. You might be hanging on the last few liters of gas because you are straight-up broke, and this is fine…but only on some occasions. If you, however, frequently allow your engine to run on low levels of fuel, then this might just be a cause of your fuel pump problem. This is because consistent low fuel will cause your engine to overheat.
· You don’t gas up on quality fuel
Ok, so you might consider yourself smart by opting for the cheapest gas options in the market. However, this may not always be the most cost-efficient method and will, for sure, cost you money in the long run. You see, some gas stations mix in their oil with other fluids. Other times, if your oil does not come from the best source, it may be contaminated with external particles that will eventually clog the strainer of your pump. When this happens, your pump will no longer be able to pump gas as efficiently as it usually does.

Are you guilty of any of these? If you are, then that might have been the main cause of your fuel pump failure. Of course, we still want to make sure that it is, indeed, your fuel pump that needs to be repaired. Bring your car in to have the experts take a look at your engine here at Mobile Mechanic Clearwater!

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Why should you trust us with your car, and by extension your safety on the road? Well, we are simply the best at what we do. We have dedicated years of training and gathering experience just so we can offer the very best service we can to the residents of Clearwater, Florida. We take pride in our thorough and efficient services. We never take on a project if we have not properly diagnosed the issue.

What else is there to know about us?

· We are always on time.
Once you bring your car in over at our garage, we will likely give you an estimate time period of the work that we will do. We rarely miss out on these self-imposed deadlines. And when we do, we make sure to tell you ahead and explain to you why.

· We value transparency
The same way that we make sure to give you a clear timeline of our project, we give you accurate estimates of the cost of the service too. Unless there is no other issue that we uncover as we go about fixing your engine, then you should not be worried about getting surprised by a sudden surge in the final price too.

Not only are our prices fairly estimated, we do not have hidden charges too.

· We are dedicated to Clearwater.
We consider our jobs as a payback to the people of Clearwater who have been very accepting and supportive of our business. Thanks to you, we have been in the business for 1 decade strong. We promise to always keep your cars functioning smoothly and safely.

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