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Car battery replacement is essential for your car as batteries do not last forever. You can make an estimate on when your car battery will last according to how regularly you use it or as a base on the info given by the dealer. But no one knows exactly when you will experience a depletion of your cars battery capacity when it is not being checked.

That is why we have a car battery testing service that it is recommended if you do not have an idea when to have it replaced. Feel free to consult also about our  wheel bearing replacement and power steering repair services.


About Our Services

The Role of Your Cars Battery

Knowing the importance of your car battery requires you to understand how it works. Your car battery is needed at the charging and starting point when it sends electricity going to the starter that makes the car start and moves. The battery also has the role of sending electricity to other electrical parts of the car. This includes the lights inside and outside the car and even the car radio.

Cars have usually one battery but other cars require an additional one like electric vehicles and diesel engines. Others may need more than two or more batteries especially the electric cars.

Now, it is clear how batteries are very important for the car. The car would be useless if the battery is not working.

It is important then that you make a note of your battery history. The car battery is estimated to last for 5 to 7 years.

When to Replace Your Car Battery

The car does not start. 

Your car battery can supply the needed rate of the cranking amps to start the car. When it ages, the provided amps becomes lesser than the original. When the level of the cranking amps being provided goes to the critical level you will have a hard time starting your car or it will not start at all. Now it is time to replace the battery of your car.

The electrical part of your car does not work.

When the battery already became weak, the voltage being produced by it lessens. In effect, the electrical components of your car will have some problems. So if they are not working well, let your battery be tested.

The battery warning signal is lighted.

This is one clear sign that you let your battery be tested.

If you are in Clearwater you can bring in your car to our shop or call us for a mobile mechanic service and someone will be dispatched to you. Car battery testing is one of our usual services provided. The customers who called for us for that service had availed of our car battery replacement service.

We had serviced too many satisfied tourists and others traveling to other place passing by Clearwater.

We also want you to experience what they had when you need help on your car battery testing and replacement! An overall inspection could also be carried out freely so you can know the state of your car. This is done freely and it would not take time as it is just a bonus routine to ensure your safety and that you are a happy and satisfied customer after the service. Consider checking also our alternator replacement and fuel pump repair.

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Safety Tips!

For your safety and those who will use the car with you, do not use the car when the battery has a problem. You can still drive when the battery is just weak but you may end up being stranded along the way. If you are far from any shop and you noticed that your car battery is failing with the warning signal is lighted and the electrical components are not working well. Do not wait for the obvious sign to happen.

Just call us and we will rescue you from your location. We service all over Clearwater, FL and nearby areas. Call us for any questions. If you like first to have a quote then still the first step is to call us.

Driving with a faulty battery can also cause damage to the electrical system of your car. It will start when it may overload the alternator of your car. The security system of your car and its shift interlock belongs to the electrical system that may receive damage.

A Bit Of Us

 Car Battery Replacement In Clearwater had been providing services over the years to our regular customers and one time clients. Showing our gratitude, we have offers of discounts and other arrangements that also new customers can avail.

Our Mechanics and employees receive regular training to ensure delivering good customer service. There are in-house mechanics and mobile mechanics that are always ready to deliver the services you requested. We will not perform any repairs that you do not approve of.

Car Battery Replacement is not just our service offered. We have Various Car Services being offered. We do all kinds of repair of various brands of car. Bring in what you have and let us make sure it gets into good shape when it returns to you.

Tools and Supplies are guaranteed to be chosen in detail to ensure good quality. Tools are necessary to deliver the service to you. When availing of the mobile mechanic, we have our own car ready to be dispatched loaded with the needed tools to deliver and finish the service.

Delivery Of Service is one of our concerns. Your satisfaction is important. Please take the time to give us your review when you can spare some time so we can hear from you. We are continually improving on all aspects of our company to deliver the best service.

Costs of the Services are always reasonable and with basis. This could be a source of misunderstanding so we make sure you agree to the price before a service is delivered.


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