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Hi there! Glad you could drop by Mobile Mechanic Clearwater. What can we help you with today? Faulty brakes? Noisy power steering mechanism? Or is your car air conditioner not working to its highest (and coldest) potential? We can help you with all that and more.

However, we do concentrate on fixing A/Cs in this shop. We know just how humid it gets here in Florida, this is why we have pooled our resources and our knowledge in sharpening our skills when it comes to fixing car air conditioners.

If you need help in this department, then you have definitely come at the right place. We’ll keep you cool despite the weather here in Clearwater with, hopefully, a quick fix to you’re a/C. So sit back and relax as we do our magic.

Still thinking about whether to bring your car to the experts to have you’re A/C fixed? That’s good too. We believe here that every car owner should know how to troubleshoot some of the most common issues in their automobiles. In fact, we will walk you through some of the common causes of A/C problems so you know just what it is that you should look out for. Aside from that, we are also offering oil change and diesel mechanic services. 


About Our Services

What’s causing your aid conditioning system to fail?

On a humid day, the best relief you might get is to take your car’s air conditioner to full blast as you cruise down the streets of Clearwater, FL. Now isn’t that that life. However, it can easily feel like inferno if you cruise down the already humid weather and your car’s air conditioner is not working. What causes this failure? Take note of some of the most common reasons below:

  1.     It could be a refrigerant leak.

You might notice a greasy puddle under your car as you drive. Although this might be common in some instances (such as your car simply flushing the moisture away), this might lead to a busted A/C if you don’t have it checked.

Your best solution: fix the hose or the pipes with a sealant. You can buy this in most auto stores without a problem. All you have to do is to pinpoint where the leak is and then make sure that it is properly sealed.

In case you do need help in fulfilling this task, know that you can always depend on us here at Mobile Mechanic Clearwater. We can seal any damaged hose easily and efficiently. Also, try to consult about our water pump replacement and starter replacement services.

  1.     It could be a blocked condenser.

What is a condenser and why is it causing your car A/C damage if it becomes blocked? Allow us to explain this system. Your condenser is in charge of cooling your refrigerants, especially as you turn on your car’s engine. As you drive, you might notice that your air conditioner starts blow colder and colder air. This is what the condenser does. Now, sometimes, if you notice that you’re a/C is on, and even on full blast, but there’s no air that comes out of you’re A/C, this could be a simple case of a blocked condenser.

Without a properly functioning one, your car’s refrigerant might end up overheating. Worse, it might expel hot air. Trust us, that is the last thing you need in this humid weather.

 What can you do in this situation? You might easily pop open your hood and locate your car’s condenser. All you have to do is to clean it up and pop it back in. For some who might consider this as a daunting task, Mobile Mechanic Clearwater has your back. We can get this done and fixed in no time. Simply book an appointment with us to benefit from our services.

  1.     It could be a damaged condenser.

Ok, so maybe your condenser is more than blocked—maybe it is damaged. If you have checked and you notice that there aren’t any visible clogging in your car’s condenser, then it may be damaged. This could have been cause by multiple reasons such a stray stone might have hit it during travel or it is an old mechanism that is due for a quick change.

 Whatever the reason is, don’t stay contented with driving around in a car with a faulty A/C. You can have it replaced easily here at Mobile Mechanic Clearwater! Just give us a call today to ask us how we can help.

  1.     It could be a damaged compressor.

What is a compressor? This is the part of you’re A/C that keeps it moving—and thus, the air circulating—most of the time. A compressor is often damaged if you don’t use this as often. Now, we know that this is rarely the cause of damaged A/Cs here in Clearwater, but if you don’t usually use you’re A/C, then this might be the cause.

How Can We Help?

Is your car air conditioner due for a check-up, a repair, or a replacement? You can count on us here at Mobile Mechanic Clearwater. Whatever the issue is, we will endeavor to have it fixed quickly and efficiently. After all, we know just how difficult it is to suffer through the heat here in Clearwater, so we’ll make sure that we will get the job done quick so you can drive away in a perfectly cooled vehicle.

Sounds like a job that you need help with? If you are a resident of Clearwater or are passing by and desperately need help to battle the heat in your car, then make sure to bring in your car for repair today. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call to set an appointment too! We’d be more than happy to help you out with your cooling problems. Our mechanics are the best at what they do. They are certified mechanics that have been in the business for decades already so you can be sure that you will be in good hands.

For our rates and packages, call in to talk to our friendly support team. 

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